See you at MonkeySpace 2014!

MonkeySpace is the official cross platform and open-source .NET conference, a great place to collaborate, share, and socialize about the latest things in mobile and *nix platforms development. The 2014 edition will be hosted in Dublin, Ireland, on the 9th-11th of June.

If you’d like to see what happened in previous editions, take a look at the sessions from MonkeySpace 2012 and MonkeySpace 2013.

This year I am lucky enough to share the stage with other awesome speakers and I will be sharing tips and tricks about cross-platform development. My session will be called “Maximizing code sharing across platforms” and will start at 17:30, on the second day (June 10th). A strong point of the Xamarin SDK is that it allows code to be shared across platforms and from architecture to libraries, we’ll explore together some ways to maximize the code reuse.

See you there!